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Prices for Dubai CityBack

Sr No.TherapyForDurationPrices
1Breast MasssageFemale30 MinRs. 28500
2Yoni MassageFemale30 MinRs. 28500
3G-Spot MassageFemale30 MinRs. 29000
4Breast MassageFemale60 MinRs. 31500
5Yoni MassageFemale60 MinRs. 31500
6G-Spot MassageFemale60 MinRs. 32500
7Full Body TantraFemale60 MinRs. 35000
10Full Body TantraFemale90 MinRs. 40000
13Full Body TantraFemale120 MinRs. 43000
8Lingam MassageMale30 MinRs. 35000
9Full Body TantraMale60 MinRs. 37000
12Full Body TantraMale90 MinRs. 43000
15Full Body TantraMale120 MinRs. 49000
11Sensual Mud BathUnisex60 MinRs. 40000
14Nuru MassageUnisex60 MinRs. 45000
16Nuru MassageUnisex90 MinRs. 53000
17Tantric RitualUnisex4 HoursRs. 105000
18Good Time TantraUnisex8 HoursRs. 145000
19Great Time tantraUnisex3 DaysRs. 325000
20Tantra TrainingUnisex3 monthRs. 1525000
21Astral Projection (OOBE)Unisex3 to 6 monthRs. 2525000
22Lucid DreamsUnisex3 to 6 MonthsRs. 2725000